FCS input to FCS Division, ACTE (Association for Career and Technical Education)
This request asking for your input is from the FCS Division, ACTE (Association for Career and Technical Education). Please take time to provide your input. Deadline to reply is May 7th.
Greetings FCS Colleagues!
We have the opportunity to impact the future of FCS by weighing in on a new “shared vision” of career and technical education (CTE) and the role that FCS plays in that vision. As you may be aware, the National Career Clusters® Framework used in the past 20 years did not specifically acknowledge FCS as part of CTE. This resulted in FCS administrators and faculty having to justify and advocate for FCS courses and programs to have a place at the CTE table. The organization Advance CTE, who developed the Career Cluster model, is now asking for input from all stakeholders on a new framework for CTE via a portal that will be open until May 7. (After you click on the portal link, scroll down the page to the survey link.)
We need you and your constituents to provide that input that could more firmly establish FCS as integral to CTE. Representatives from each of the FCS professional organizations that serve secondary education programs have been meeting and developed this document to assist our stakeholders in foundational knowledge that can assist in making your own case for FCS. This guide is not to be used for a “cut and paste” but rather to provide you with some background knowledge, terminology, and ideas that you could use to enhance your own narrative. For your convenience, the document is organized by the Challenges that align with the Advance CTE portal.
What is our ask? At your earliest convenience, as we only have until May 7:
1) Please forward this email and the attachment to those in your organization and encourage them to log onto the Advance CTE portal to respond to any or all of the questions (labeled as Challenges) posed;
2) Read the document to help inform or hone your response to each challenge.
3) Use these tips when formulating your responses:
  • You don’t have to go it alone. Collaborate with learners, your staff and peers to work together to submit an idea to the idea challenges.
  • Please pick the challenges that you connect with most and submit your strongest ideas.
  • Keep equity and access in mind: We are looking for ideas that center learners and are equity and access minded.
  • Be BOLD and future-focused: We are looking for bold and innovative ideas!
  • Unsure if you are the right person to submit an idea? If you are reading this email, we want you to submit ideas.