StockTrak announces new Budget Game
StockTrak has build online resources for middle and high school financial literacy and economics classes. Our “Flagship” resource is our stock market simulation and curriculum library, which is used by hundreds of thousands of high school students on our personalfinancelab.com and howthemarketworks.com websites and by some state Councils for their state-wide stock games.
Over the last year, we’ve been developing and refining a second major resource – our new Budget Game. We’ve had a limited number of schools beta-testing since last Fall, and we were planning on opening up a big marketing effort to try to get schools signed up for the 2020-2021 school year.
However, the Councils we currently work with reached out to us to help optimize all their resources and lesson plans along with our own libraries to help schools forced into distance learning have access to the best available online resources. We can’t agree more with this mission, and cancelled our sales initiative so we can instead offer our Budget Game for free to all schools for Financial Literacy Month this April, along with our library of online lesson plans (which also includes activities that utilize your existing state stock games), 300+ lesson standards aligned curriculum library, and entire library of teacher support resources.
We know schools around the country are hurting, and we want to help. If your organization is interested, we would also like to invite your schools to participate in our National Budget Competition as well, with full access to our online curriculum and learning resources as a free program you can offer for the remainder of this semester. If your teachers like it and you want to consider it as a “permanent” program in the future, great (and there are a ton of ways to get it sponsored if you’re interested). If not, we just want to get everything we can out there to help teachers in the current crisis. We will also be hosting teacher training webinars to help everyone around the country use these resources to their fullest, and I’d be happy to jump on a call with your team to screen share the game and how it works this week.
More about the budgeting game: students taken on the role of a college student with a part time job – they will need to manage their variable income, unexpected expenses, and tough decisions as they work to improve their Net Worth, Credit Score, and Quality of Life. One “month” of the game takes about 20 minutes to complete, with the April challenge lasting 12 “months”. It is loaded with standards-aligned lessons, decision making, and realistic life choices, with rankings based on net worth, credit score, quality of life, and an aggregated “Game Score”.
More about our Budget Game here: https://content.personalfinancelab.com/budget-game
And you can see some of our lesson plan library here: https://content.personalfinancelab.com/category/teacher-resources/lesson-plans/
Please let me know if you’re interested, and I’m hoping we can work together to get schools through this crisis.
Nicole Saveriano
Senior Account Manager
O: (514) 871-2222 ext 365
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